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Hello, my name is Randy Bourque.

I am so glad you are reading this. I love taking pictures. I have been called "shutter happy" for many years. It's a "disorder" for which there is no cure.

I was an United States Air Force Ground Radio Technician stationed with the 1925th Communications Squadron (CS) at Edwards Air Force, Base, (AFB) Edwards, CA. Then an Electronic Installation Technician. with the Federal Avaition Administration (FAA) for 17 years. (Radar's and Communcation Systems, i.e. ASR-8, 9 and 11, BI-5, 6's, Mode-S's, Microwave, VHF, UHF and even put T1's and channel banks through digital and analog microwaves.)

If you'd like to use one of my images for any reason, please contact me at rbourque2@aol.com.

Thank you for viewing my profile and for viewing my photos. I love to hear your comments. I might not be able to respond to all, but I do read them all. Thank you again.

All photos © 2012 - 2013, by Randy L. Bourque, RLB2Photography and RLB2Creations. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or modified in any way without expressed written permission, email any requests you might have.

The story behind how we choose the names for "RLB2Photography" and "RLB2Creations" is because I am so blessed to be able to work together wonderfully with my wife in so many ways. She writes poetry and is very creative and she clicks second fiddle with me with a second camera at times. So this is a combination of our talents. She also is an RLB, (hence the names RLB2Photography and RLB2Creations). We do make a great team together! You could say we were made for each other. I truly am most blessed. No wonder we together are "RLB2Photography" and "RLB2Creations".

Also visit my Flickr photos which you'll you will be able to see many more photos.
Thank you for visiting www.rlb2photography.com